Pilot Episode

I did it. I named my blog after a character who says I love you on the first date and falls in love with the same girl over and over again.  I find traits of myself in Mr. Mosby. I too correct people when they say Kleenex instead of facial tissue and I tend to plan weddings in my head to a guy that I haven’t even gotten through the appetizers with.
I’m currently 29, just a few months away from turning what I used to think was really fucking old.  I’m single.  I have a huge dog/hippopotamus and unfortunately he has had to deal with my serious lack of knowing how to keep a guy around.   I don’t ask for much, just a guy who can rock a beard & a flannel shirt but is definitely not opposed to dancing with me to Steely Dan and can maybe make me a mean ravioli.
I went through a horrendous breakup last year so I decided that I was going to make 29 really awesome.  I at least have gotten as far as this blog. I am terribly excited about sharing my awkward encounters with boys with the internets.
I’m not in any hurry but I’m excited to find my Mosby.
Cheers friends,
-a damsel & her dog-

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